Automancer docs


Version: 1.0


This module allows you to ensure than an expression stays true overtime, and raise an error otherwise.


This module can be used with the expect: state attribute. For example, to ensure that a given temperature sensor readout stays at more than 30°C, use the following.

expect: %{{ devices.TempSensor.readout > 20.0 * unit.degC }}
  - ...
  - ...

Multiple conditions and additional details can be given by providing a list.

  - condition: %{{ devices.TempSensor1.readout > 20 * unit.degC }}
    message: The temperature is too low!
  - condition: %{{ devices.TempSensor2.readout < 30 * unit.degC }}
    message: The temperature is too high!
    type: warning

The following options are supported.

  • condition (runtime expression, required) – The condition to check.
  • message (string) – The message of the diagnostic to create if the condition expression evaluates to false.
  • type (one of error or warning) – The type of diagnostic. Defaults to error.