Automancer docs

Run command

Version: 1.0

Supported platforms: macOS, Linux

This process is not supported in untrusted mode.


This module provides a process to execute terminal commands.


  - run: node ./scripts/build.js
  - run:
      command: node build.js
      cwd: ./scripts
        DEBUG: 1
      ignore_exit_code: true
      halt_action: sigterm
      shell: true
      stderr: @{{ stderr }}
      stdout: @{{ stdout }}

The following options are supported:

  • command (string, required) – The command to run or path to executable.

  • cwd (path object) – The current working directory. Defaults to the experiment's directory.

  • env (dictionary of strings and strings) – Environment variables.

  • ignore_exit_code (boolean) – Whether to ignore non-zero exit codes. If false, an error will be raised if the command returns with a non-zero exit code. Defaults to false.

  • halt_action (enum or int) – The action to use when halting the process. Possible values are:

    • none – Does nothing.
    • sigint – Sends a SIGINT signal.
    • sigkill – Sends a SIGKILL signal.
    • sigterm – Sends a SIGTERM signal.
    • an integer – Sends the corresponding signal. Must be between 0 and 255.

    Defaults to sigint.

  • shell (boolean) – Whether to run the command in a shell as specified by $SHELL. Defaults to false.

  • stderr (binary output data object) – A reference to the standard error stream's destination.

  • stdout (binary output data object) – A reference to the standard output stream's destination.

All halt actions are followed by a SIGKILL signal after 30 seconds, which forces the program to exit. An error is raised even if ignore_exit_code is false.